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Your child’s school or organisation has partnered with us. This will provide you with access to regular resources each month to support you and your child’s mental wellbeing, all completely free!

How it works

On the 1st of each month each month you will receive a new publication direct to your inbox. Examples of potential topics include:

Month 1

Creating a Core of Unshakeable Self-Belief. How we can develop resilience and confidence in children

Month 2

Having Anxiety vs. Being Anxious. What's normal and what isn't?

Month 3

Winning the Car Journey Home. What to say to your child after a sporting event to improve future success and enjoyment

Month 4

What are Mental Skills?
How mental skills impact children and ways to develop them.

Month 5

Games to Manage Emotions. Developing emotion regulation techniques through games and play.

Month 6

Protecting Children's Mental Health. Easily Applied daily habits which can protect a child's mental health.

Month 7

The Benefits of Journaling. How journaling can benefit children and adaptations we can make to get the most out of it.

Month 8

Creating Goal Getters. How to get kids to buy into into planning and goal setting to develop their commitment.

About us

We aim to make the findings from the most recent scientific research accessible to all parents in order to protect their child’s mental health and develop mentally fit children. 

We’re a community interest company based in the North East. This means we do a lot of things for free and any profit we do make gets reinvested into helping more children improve their mental health and wellbeing. 

These are the 3 areas our resources focus on and whilst often mistaken, it’s important to appreciate the difference between each:

Mental health- A persons state of psychological and emotional functioning including the presence of mental illness.

Mental Wellbeing An individuals sense of happiness, satisfaction and fulfilment with life.

Mental Skills Mental abilities that facilitate improved performance (e.g. resilience, confidence or emotion regulation).

It’s important to us that all our advice is based upon the latest research and evidence from reliable scientific sources.

With waiting times for children to access treatment longer than ever before we believe you shouldn’t wait until problems arise to focus on your child’s mental health.

Our feedback so far

We recently surveyed parents who had already received some of our resources from their school, this is what they had to say:

8 out of 10

Parents had new ideas on how they could support their child's mental health on a day to day basis.


Are more confident in making changes to improve their child's mental health and wellbeing.


Said our resources are easy to read and understand.


Think the resources are designed well.

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